11 Tips For Old Adult Health

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As we get older, our health will become worse and worse. So how can we stay healthy when we are old? Here are 11 tips:

1. Pay attention to the three meals on time

Food is the main source of nutrition for human beings. Without the supply of nutrition, a human being is a body without energy. It can’t lift the energy when doing anything. Without energy, the brain will become dull too. The correct intake of food is just like flowers and trees need nourishment from water and the sun, which makes people full of vigor and the mental state looks very full. Studies have shown that those who eat regularly, especially those who eat breakfast on time, not only have a lower probability of developing cardiovascular disease, but also have a better memory than others.


2. Improve sleeping

In middle-aged and elderly people, it is easy to cause symptoms such as insomnia and dreaminess due to physiological reactions. We are increasingly troubled by wanting to have a good quality of sleep. We should usually pay attention to relax our own mood, do not become sad and worried because of the increase in age, learn to rest, and return to a normal relaxation stage. At the same time, you can soak your feet a lot before going to bed every day to make the blood flow smoothly. Listen to some soothing light music before going to bed. Drink a glass of warm milk before going to bed to soothe the nerves. Long-term drinking milk can also replenish calcium and improve the body. The bones will be healthier.


3. Develop the habit of drinking water

Get up with a glass of warm water and two sips of water before going to bed every day. Getting up with a cup of warm water helps moisturize the intestines, expel waste and impurities from the body, and make the body have a good cleansing; drinking two sips of water before going to bed can help avoid blood stickiness. So why are only two sips enough at night? Because drinking too much water will cause frequent waking up and going to the toilet at night, which will affect the normal quality of sleep. Drinking two sips can effectively prevent blood stickiness so that you can sleep well. It is recommended to put a glass of water next to the bed, in case you are thirsty in the middle of the night and want to drink water and have to go a long way to get it, let your sleepiness will dissipate.


4. Maintain the habit of exercising

One of the exercises we recommend for the elderly is walking. The time for walking depends on your own situation, generally about 40 minutes. Walking is one of the most relaxing light exercises. It does not mandate how much exercise or time you need. It just uses walking to make your body reach an aerobic state. Walking can also effectively empty your brain, think about your own problems, and help self-cultivation.

The WHO report Physical Activity and Older Adults also stated that exercise contributes to the health of the elderly.

Maintain The Habit Of Exercising


Maintain The Habit Of Exercising


5. Learn and develop some hobbies

Don’t let yourself be idle, don’t let yourself be bored. Some studies say that learning a foreign language can prevent Alzheimer’s disease, playing chess, or learning a musical instrument. These will more or less exercise one’s brain, and the more you use your brain, you will be more flexible. The biggest fear of being an elderly person is that you will become a useless person, afraid of dragging down your children and friends. It is suggested that you can cultivate one of your hobbies, which can be growing flowers or learning other skills and so on. As long as it is beneficial and correct hobby behavior, we think that all elderly friends can try it out. Because after you have your own hobbies, you will not feel that you are idle every day, and you will find the joy of the past.


6. Keep a pet

You take care of your pet, and your pet also accompany with you. Pets can bring a lot of pleasure to humans, and caring for others or animals can give people a strong sense of satisfaction. Taking care of pets requires time and energy, as well as learning some knowledge about pets. Many pets need to walk them outside, which means that it inadvertently increase your daily exercise.

Keep A Pet


Keep A Pet


7. Keep in touch

A lonely person is depressed and secretes more adrenaline in the body, which leads to vasoconstriction, increased blood pressure, and long-term excessive secretion, which will inevitably lead to high blood pressure, and the probability of suffering from heart disease and stroke is three times higher than that of normal people, and the probability of dying from heart disease and stroke is twice that of normal people. Loneliness can increase the secretion of the human stress hormone cortisol, thereby weakening the human immune system and making people lack the ability to resist diseases. Long-term loneliness, the body secretes more “adrenerone” stress hormone, it will also increase the risk of cancer. Therefore, as an elderly person, you need to socialize more, get in touch with old friends, go for a walk, and don’t leave yourself alone at home.


8. Stay optimistic

Optimistic people live longer than negative people and have fewer heart diseases and depression. Positive emotions may even reduce the number of people living with HIV. Many studies have shown that psychological factors have a significant impact on the health of the body. People who are open-minded, optimistic and cheerful, the neuroendocrine regulation system is at the best level, and the immune function is also at a normal state. So being optimistic and smiling often is a good choice.

Stay Optimistic


Stay Optimistic


9. Physical Examination Regularly

Have an annual physical examination and make a health record. Many elderly people with diseases do not pay attention to regular health checkups, which makes people very worried. In addition to maintaining the habit of having a physical examination at least once a year, the elderly should also note that the physical examination items are not the many the better, it should be selected according to their characteristics. If the disease has been confirmed, there is no need to check every time, but to diagnose and treat. In particular, it is necessary to focus on items that are closely related to vital signs, such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, tumors, etc. In addition, pay attention to follow up the results of the examination and record personal basic health information, such as the name and phone number of the doctor you often contact, past medical history, regular medication, whether it is allergic, etc.

Physical Examination Regularly


Physical Examination Regularly


10. Maintain oral health

As we age, all tissues and organs of the body will gradually undergo degenerative changes, and the oral cavity is one of them. Changes such as tooth wear, receding gums, and decreased saliva secretion have gradually begun to trouble the elderly. Some people do not have enough knowledge about oral health care. They do not pay attention to oral health due to various reasons and cannot brush their teeth every day. If they are accompanied by bad habits such as smoking and drinking, the chances of oral diseases will increase. So brush your teeth effectively every morning and evening, floss your teeth after meals, go to the hospital regularly to check your mouth, clean calculus, get rid of bad habits, repair missing teeth in time, etc., which can effectively maintain oral health.

Maintain Oral Health


Maintain Oral Health


11. Do not abuse drugs

After entering old age, various organs begin to weaken and their resistance is weak, and it is inevitable that there will be many diseases. It is necessary to take medicine when suffering from disease, but the liver and kidney function of the elderly is reduced and the excretion rate is slow, and they are prone to adverse reactions or poisoning. Therefore, the elderly must pay attention to medicine and follow the doctor’s advice instead of blindly taking medicine.



WHO: World report on aging and health

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