4 Types of Medical Syringe

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Disposable syringes are commonly used by medical supplies in hospitals. In addition to ordinary syringes, here are four types of special disposable medical syringes.

Needle-free Syringe

Needle Free Syringe

The needle-free syringe uses the principle of pressure jet to complete the subcutaneous injection of the liquid medicine, that is, the pressure generated by the pressure device inside the needle-free syringe pushes the liquid medicine in the medicine tube through the micropores to form a very fine liquid medicine column, so that the liquid medicine Instantly penetrates the human epidermis to reach the subcutaneous, and the liquid medicine is absorbed in the form of a 3~5 cm diameter dispersion under the skin.

Auto-Destruct Syringe

Auto Destruct Syringe

The auto-destruct syringe is a disposable syringe product that can prevent repeated use after use. After the injection is completed, manual or mechanical force is required to prevent the push rod from being drawn out of the barrel to achieve self-locking, or the sealing performance of the piston is destroyed, or the plunger of the syringe can be inferred, ultimately achieving the purpose of preventing reuse.

Light-Proof Syringe

Light Proof Syringe

The light-proof syringe adopts a double-layer compound injection molding process. The inner transparent layer is injected first, and the light-proof jacket is placed on the outer layer of the injection molding to isolate the liquid medicine from the light-proof agent. Ultraviolet light will accelerate the oxidation of drugs and cause photodegradation reactions for some drugs, which not only reduces the efficacy of the drugs, but also causes the color changes and precipitation of the drugs, which seriously affects the quality of the drugs, and even increases the toxicity and harm patient safety. Therefore, light-sensitive drugs need to be protected from light syringes.

Prefilled Syringe

Prefilled Syringe

The prefilled syringe is to put the liquid medicine directly into the syringe for storage. It is simple and convenient to use. The high-quality syringe assembly has good compatibility with the medicine. At the same time, the syringe itself has good sealing properties, and medicine can be stored for a long time. Its advantages are safety and reliability, avoid repeated suction after using the diluent, and the glass powder will fall into the bottle when the ampoule is opened, reducing the chance of cross-infection and secondary contamination.

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