How To Find B2B Suppliers Online?

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Due to this year’s black swan incident—-Coronavirus, there is a great impact on the main channel for B2B procurement—exhibitions. Top exhibitions in various industries have to be postponed or canceled. Even the uninterrupted Canton Fair has to be held online. What this incident left us with thinking is that online procurement may be an unstoppable trend in the future. So how do we find B2B suppliers online?

Choose A Better Method

Alibaba: Alibaba, basically does not need much introduction, it is already a very influential e-commerce website. Although it has a strict screening of suppliers, it is still a mixed bag after all, therefore, to select suppliers on it, you need to look at the number of years first, this means how many years they have opened stores on Alibaba, but this only means that these suppliers are willing to spend money to settle in Alibaba every year. There is also an advanced logo called Verified Supplier. This is a supplier who spends a lot of money to let Alibaba third parties certify their company. It is similar to certifying an ISO certificate on the Alibaba. This type of supplier is basically an excellent supplier.

The Online Canton Fair: The difference between the online Canton Fair and Alibaba is that it has a live broadcast (of course, now Alibaba is also engaged in live broadcast), but the live broadcast is basically very long. If there is nothing that can attract you, it is better to save time and search more suppliers online.

Linkedin: Linkedin has only slowly developed in the direction of B2B business in recent years. After all, this social media was only used for recruitment or business contacts. Nowadays, there are many people showing their company or products on it. If you are interested, you can contact this person directly. Of course, it’s best to send messages one-on-one, because if you leave your email address below the post, it might bring a lot of Spam, after all, there are many people searching for customers on it.

Google: I think no one doubts that Google is a powerful search system, you can find a lot of information you want on it, including finding the B2B suppliers you need. There will be two kinds of results from a Google search with keywords, one is advertising and the other is natural traffic. Generally, organic traffic is basically some blog articles, and the search results displayed by the advertisement must be a B2B company because B2B companies are generally willing to spend money to buy placements. So if you don’t want to slowly filter your website in organic traffic, just click on the ad. Real suppliers will show their factories and teams on their websites without reservation, so the about page is worth looking at first.

Select the Contact Method

After selecting the supplier, the next step is how to contact them. Like Alibaba and the online Canton Fair, both have the function of online chatting or sending messages directly to the supplier. While on LinkedIn, you can directly leave a message under Post or send a message to the supplier. For the suppliers which searched on google, there are more ways to choose. You can call or send emails. A better website will have the function of sending inquiries or online chat, which will make it easier to contact them.

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