How to protect yourself from coronavirus when you do exercise outside?

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During the epidemic of the coronavirus, for many outdoor sports enthusiasts, it is a really very difficult time. Can I go to outdoor sports? Here are some tips that may be helpful.

1. Choose The Place With Few People

When exercising outdoors, you should choose a ventilated place with few people, and do not run in a crowded place. It is best to avoid the peak crowd time when you go out to reduce contact with pedestrians. Try to keep a distance of 1.8 meters(six-foot) or more from other people, so as to effectively block the spread of droplets.

2. Wearing A Mask

We do not recommend to wear a mask during exercise, it will make you breathe difficult when you during exercise. However, it is still necessary to carry a mask with you as a spare, because if there are people around, it is still necessary to wear it. Who knows if these people are carriers of the virus?

3. Control Exercise Time And Intensity

When doing sports outdoors, you should actively reduce the running intensity, speed, and frequency, focusing on easy running, and at the same time, you should control the running time. About 30 minutes is the most suitable. Do not do high-intensity long-term training. Because staying outdoors for too long will increase your chances of exposure to the virus, and fatigue will also reduce the difficulty of the virus invading your body.

4. Take Off Clothes And Shoes When You Back Home

After back home, you should put on clean clothes and change your shoes, because the soles of shoes are easy to carry viruses.

5. Wash Your Hands

When you are outdoors, you may come into contact with some public facilities. These public facilities may carry the virus, so you should wash your hands with hand sanitizer immediately after back home.

How To Wash Your Hands
How To Wash Your Hands

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