How To Relieve Anxiety

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With the increasing pressure of people’s work and life, the phenomenon of psychological anxiety becomes more and more common in our lives. Anyone may experience anxiety under certain pressure. Being in an anxious state for a long time will bring a series of harms, such as high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, or disorder of the body’s immunity, etc.

Here are 9 tips for you to overcome anxiety.

1. Relax


Anxiety can leave people in a state of palpitation, muscle tension, and body shaking. Physical relaxation can alleviate these discomforts and relieve anxiety. Relaxing your body can take deep breaths. When you feel anxious, your pulse speeds up and your breathing speeds up. And deep breathing can slow down your breathing rate and make your body believe that anxiety has passed. When you breathe in and breathe out, your abdomen will fall down together, which helps to make the tension disappear and overcome anxiety.

2. Pay attention to rest

pay attention to rest

Taking more rest can relax the body and mind and reduce psychological anxiety. Therefore, always pay attention to ensure adequate sleep. Taking a hot bath before going to bed is more helpful to sleep quality.

3. Talk to friends

talk to friends

Talking is a good way to solve psychological anxiety. Through talking, we can express our inner thoughts. Let your friends be your supporters, help you overcome difficulties, and stay away from anxiety.

4. Stay optimistic

stay optimistic

Being confident in yourself will enable us to overcome all kinds of difficulties, thereby resolving psychological anxiety. When you lack self-confidence, you might as well use self-suggestion. You can tell yourself repeatedly, “No problem” and “I can”. This will gradually eliminate the instinctive reaction of rapid breathing and cold sweat on your hands so that you can really calm down.

5. Divert attention

divert attention

If the feeling of anxiety is too obvious and makes it difficult for you to calm down, you can also find something to do for yourself, divert your attention and do something that does not use your brain or find something that allows you to dedicate yourself to something that you like. After that, you will find that in the process of doing this, you don’t think about any troubles at all, you just throw yourself into it and feel at ease.

6. Free association

free association

Find a place to sit or lie down, close your eyes, first let your body be in a relatively relaxed state through some simple relaxation methods, let your brain relax, and then make free associations. You don’t have to control what you think, just relax and let The thoughts in the brain emerge on their own, thinking along with the things and feelings in the brain. In this way, you may be able to find the cause of your anxiety.

7. Enjoy eating

enjoy eating

People who are emotionally depressed should eat more whole-grain cereals to supplement vitamins; those who are often tired can eat more fruits and vegetables to supplement vitamins, and those who are prone to anger should eat more apples and bananas to supplement potassium; avoid medication to relieve pressure.

8. Do exercise

do exercise

Exercise is a particularly effective way to relieve anxiety. Anxiety is accompanied by the accumulation of adrenaline. Aerobic exercise can consume adrenaline, so it can also relieve anxiety. Running, swimming and walking are all good choices. Exercise consumes stress hormones, relaxes your body from tension, and releases peptides that can improve mood. Exercise also forces you to breathe more and distract you.

9. Listen to music

listen to music

Anxiety is a situation that everyone encounters. People cannot concentrate on doing things when they are anxious. Soothing and relaxing music can relax people and make people’s physiological and psychological rhythms benign changes. Therefore, when anxious emotions hit the brain, try listening to some relaxing music to reduce that anxiety and anxiety.

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