IV infusion set

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What is anIV infusion set?

It is an infusion set that is used to administer intravenous therapy, wherein a liquid substance is delivered directly into the patients’ vein. It provides medical personnel with a brisk and effective means to deliver fluids and medication during medical conditions such as dehydration, electrolyte imbalances, specialized medication delivery, or for blood transfusions.

Basic Parts of an IV infusion set

The basic components of an IV infusion set that remain constant across all its variations are:

Long sterile tube: it helps control the flow rate.

Connector: used to be attached to the access device.

Drip chamber: it allows the fluid to flow one drop at a time and makes it easy to see the flow rate.

V-track controller: it helps control the flow rate.

Spike: it is punctured/ fitted into a sterile bottle containing a pre-filled IV solution.

The type of IV Infusion set

General IV Infusion Set

It is only including Tubing, Drip chamber, Controller and Spike. It use for common intravenous therapy.

Y Site IV Infusion Set

This type with a Y site, it is a three-way connector that allow an additional infusion set to be connected onto the same line for delivery of antibiotics or other continuous fluid drips.

Light Resistance IV Infusion Set

This is a specific IV Infusion Set, it uses for some drugs that cannot be illuminated.

IV Infusion Set With Regulator

It with a Micro-Regulator, can control the quantity of each drop, always use for pediatric patients or specific adult patients who require a small.

Blood Transfusion Set

It is only used for blood transusions.

Burette Infusion Set

This is an IV Infusion Set for special treatment, the purpose of using a burette is to prevent accidental fluid overload.

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