Answer Questions About Wearing Mask You May Interest In

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Here are some questions about the mask we have collected which you may be interested in.

Why mask is important for covid?

The virus itself cannot exist independently but exists in the droplet and aerosol state droplet nucleus. The mask filters droplets and droplet nuclei to achieve anti-virus effects.

1. Diameter> 10 microns: Even the worst degreasing gauze mask can filter more than 80% of this large particle droplet.

2. Diameter <0.1 microns: This tiny droplet nucleus is easily filtered by the electrostatic effect. The filter layer of the mask mostly uses electrostatic adsorption materials (such as polypropylene), but washing with water will reduce the adsorption effect.

3. Diameter ≈ 0.3 microns: This is the most difficult to filter, so the mask testing standard uses 0.3micron sodium chloride. As long as the test passes, filtering other particles is not a problem.

82% of the droplet nuclei have a diameter in the range of 0.74~2.12 microns.

1.Disposable medical surgical mask, filtering droplet effect is above 80%.

2.The filtering effect of ordinary disposable medical masks is above 70%.

3.KN95 dust mask can filter more than 95% of sodium chloride particles; KN90 can filter more than 90%.

Our article《How does a Mask protect you?》maybe will help you learn more.

Why mask should cover nose?

The nose should be covered together because our breathing is done by the nose. If the nose is exposed, it will allow dust, bacteria, and viruses to enter the human body through our respiratory tract.

When I must wear a mask?

When going to crowded places, you must wear a mask to protect yourself effectively. If there are no people around or at home, you don’t need to wear a mask.

Can I wear mask to exercise?

If you go to a crowded place to exercise, then it is necessary to wear a mask. You can refer to our other article:《How to protect yourself from coronavirus when you do exercise outside》

How to wear mask correctly?

The WHO has recommended how to wear a mask, you can read more on WHO.

Will I mask wearing be forever?

This depends on the degree of control of the epidemic. When the epidemic is basically under control, it will be a time when there is no need to wear a mask. We should believe that we can finally defeat the COVID-19.

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