The Right Way To Do With Your Wound

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First Step: Clean wounds and stop bleeding. For example, debris, hair, etc. can not be left in the wound, which is easy to cause suppurative infection, it needs to be stained with a cotton swab in time.

Second Step: Remove pus and necrosis. Burns, scalds, bruises, cuts, ulcers, etc., often secrete a large amount of exudate and pus, and some skin and tissue necrosis occurs, frist wash the diluted pus with saline, then use a cotton swab or cotton ball to remove the pus and carrion, keep the wound clean and smooth, so that scars are not easy to produce.

Third Step: Wound disinfection. After the wound is cleaned, use the cotton ball to disinfect the wound surface with Iodophor.

Last Step: Bandage the wound and keep it moist. Being folded with medical gauze and covering the wound, it can absorb the excessive exudate of the wound, while maintaining a good moist environment, promote the free movement and proliferation of epidermal cells, and grow the meat epithelium faster. For large or deep wounds, avoid applying powder or exposure to force the wound to dry and scab, which can easily lead to accumulation of pus under the scab, forming serious infections and ulcers.

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