What is in a first aid kit and what is it used for?

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First aid kit is one of our more common medical supplies, we will equip one in the house or when going to the wild to explore. Although there are many types of first aid kits, some supplies are the same. Let’s take a look at some of the main products in the first aid kits and how to use it.

Alcohol Pad

It is used to disinfect tools such as pliers or your hands before treating the wound. It can also be used to scrub wounds to achieve the purpose of sterilization.

Disposable Latex Gloves

When in contact with the wounds of injured patients, rescuers should wear replacement gloves to prevent infections with blood-borne diseases.

Sterile Gauze

Various sizes of sterilized gauze are used to cover the wound. It is not as likely as cotton to leave the cotton thread on the wound, and when removed, it will not stick to the wound.

Elastic Bandage

It is a bandage used to wrap wounds and fix the dressing. Elastic bandages can also be used to fix suspected injured joints or fractures. And it will not hinder blood circulation.

Gauze Bandage

It is used to bandage wounds and fix dressings.

Triangle Scarf

Also called triangular bandage, it has a variety of uses. It can support injured upper limbs, fix dressings, or fractures.

Safety Pin

It is used to fix triangles or bandages.

Medical Tape

Paper tape can fix gauze, because it does not irritate the skin, so it is suitable for ordinary people, and zinc oxide tape can fix bandages.

Adhesive Bandage

It is used to cover small wounds.

Artificial Respiration Membrane

Prevent infection when performing artificial respiration.

Round-tip Scissor and Plier

Round-tip scissors are safer and can be used to cut tape or bandages. It can also be used to cut clothes when necessary. Tweezers can take the dressing, or remove dirt on the wound.

Cotton Swab

It is used to clean small bleeding wounds or apply for medicine.

Absorbent Cotton Ball

Absorbent cotton wool is used to wash wounds or as a dressing.

Iodophor Cotton Swab or Iodophor Cotton Pad

It is used to clean and disinfect skin wounds. It is mainly for the disinfection and sterilization of small skin damage, abrasions, cuts, and other superficial skin wounds. Prevent wound infection, relieve wound pain, and itching.

Emergency Blanket

The first aid blanket is made of tinfoil paper, and its main function is to keep warm. When it is cold, wrap it on the body or parts that are susceptible to freezing to reflect the heat emitted by the human body and achieve the effect of heat preservation. A drop in body temperature will aggravate the injury of the injured, so wrapping an insulation blanket is a kind of protection for the injured.

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