What Is Medical Bandage?

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Medical bandages are gauze bands used to wrap wounds or affected areas. Medical bandages are generally divided into two types: cotton gauze bandages and elastic bandages.

Cotton gauze bandages are made of gauze; while elastic bandages are woven with natural fibers, soft material, and extremely elastic.

Whether it is a gauze bandage or elastic bandage, its purpose is mainly to bandage or fix.

① Cotton gauze bandage: mainly used for bandaging and fixing after external wound dressing in-hospital surgery or at home.

Cotton Gauze Bandages

② Elastic bandage: mainly used for retention bandaging of patients with varicose veins of the lower extremities and orthopedics to improve blood circulation and prevent swelling of the limbs. It can also replace the multi-head abdominal band after surgery and is used for compression bandaging of different parts of the human body or general wound bandaging.

Elastic Bandages

There is also a similar bandage called sports bandage, but it is different from the medical bandage, the difference is as follows:

Sports Bandage

1.The main purpose is different

Medical bandages are mainly used to help patients fix the affected area or bandage to stop bleeding, and are essential items for surgical operations.

Sports bandages are mainly to prevent sports injuries and protect joints and prevent strains caused by excessive movement of knuckles.

2.Sports bandages are shorter than medical bandages

Sports bandages are single-layer. Sports bandages with letters or patterns are called ankle guards. There are also wrist guards, knee guards, etc., which are also a kind of sports bandages. Sports bandages are relatively elastic and can protect joints and muscles. The performance is very strong.

Medical bandages are like elastic bands, which are divided into large, medium, and small according to the width, and are in rolls. This kind of bandage is longer than a sports bandage, more than one meter long, and can be wound repeatedly. For example, many rhythmic gymnasts use this kind of bandage to wrap wounds.

3.Different parts of the human body

Sports bandages (elastic bandages) mainly act on joints, such as knees, ankles, and wrists.

Medical bandages are diverse and can be used on almost any part.

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