What is medical gauze made of? What does medical gauze do? (All about medical gauze)

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What is medical gauze made of?

Medical gauze is made of cotton fibers of mature seeds that have not been reprocessed, which are spun and woven into plain cotton cloth, which is then degreased, bleached, and refined into degreasing gauze for medical use. Medical gauze products generally have the form of folding type and reel type.

①Folding type: unfold the piece of gauze into the required size, then use the flap to fold to the required layer, and then carry out small packaging.

②Roll type: roll the bleached gauze into a roll, which has one layer, two layers, three layers, or four layers, depending on the needs.

Quality requirements for medical gauze

Whiteness: The whiteness of medical gauze should not be less than 80.

Warp and weft density: warp density × weft density, the difference should not exceed ±5% of the stated nominal value.

Water-soluble matter: the residue left in 100ml of the test solution should not be greater than 0.3%.

PH: Add phenolphthalein indicator to 100ml test solution, does not show pink, add bromocresol purple indicator, does not show yellow.

Water absorption time: It should sink below the liquid level within 10 seconds.

Soluble matter in the ether: The residue left in the 100ml test solution should not be greater than 0.5%.

Surface active substance: The height of the surface-active substance (foam) in the test solution shall not exceed 2mm.

What does medical gauze do?

what does medical gauze do

Using medical gauze to wrap wounds is our most common and conventional hemostasis method. The principle is that the gauze absorbs the water in the blood to concentrate blood cells and coagulation factors, thereby promoting blood coagulation.

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