What Is Medical Tape And How To Use It?

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Medical tape is a very common medical consumable in hospitals and life.

Features Of Medical Tape

1. Higher Adhesion

Medical tape is mainly used for the fixation of materials in surgery, the treatment of wounds, and the fixation of infusion needle tubes, which requires high adhesion. It is necessary to fix the medicine and fix the wound during the wound dressing process.

2. Higher Toughness

The high toughness of the medical tape can effectively prevent the wound being wound from being pulled and tearing, and avoid secondary injuries.

3. Easy To Operate

Whether bandaging or fixing, when using medical tape, it is often an urgent situation. The medical tape is easy to unpack and tear, which can avoid delaying the time.

4. Good Air Permeability

Tape often adheres to the surface of the skin, and it takes a long time. The good air permeability of medical tape can avoid skin discomfort.

Material Of Medical Tape

Medical tape is made of pure wood pulp and natural materials, with zinc oxide as the raw material, and produced according to strict standards.

There is a special ingredient in medical tape,zinc. Zinc is a kind of trace element, the content in the human body and the daily intake is very small, but it can play a pivotal role in the body’s sexual development, sexual function, and the production of germ cells. Zinc is mainly found in seafood and animal organs, but other foods contain very little zinc. The zinc oxide in the medical tape is an essential element in the production, but it will not cause harm to the body.

How To Use Medical Tape

1. Clean and disinfect the skin thoroughly and let it dry.

2. Stick the tape flatly from the center to the outside without tension. To ensure that the tape can adhere firmly, at least 2.5cm of the skin should adhere along the edge of the dressing.

3. After the tape is fixed, gently press on the tape to make the tape adhere firmly to the skin.

What We Need To Pay Attention To

1. Medical tape cannot replace sutures, hemostasis, skin disinfection, and drying.

2. When there is blood or exudate from the wound, do not apply medical tape directly to the wound.

3. When removing the medical tape, be careful not to tear off the catheter or other instruments covered by it.

How To Remove Medical Tape

If the medical tape sticks to the skin firmly, first moisten the tape with alcohol or complex iodine, and then slowly remove it. Generally, do not stick the medical tape for too long, no more than 24 hours. If the time is too long, it will easily cause skin irritation, and at the same time, it will stick too firm and it is difficult to take it off.

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